Spring is here with a whole new batch of April writing prompts based on national days celebrations and more!

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I love using the national days to create daily writing prompts. I’ve been doing this for years. When you include a video or background information about the national day, or a website for students to learn more about it, they get engaged and actually look forward to writing every day. That’s why I love creating these daily writing journals for you!

I’ve had many students tell me that they were afraid of writing or they hated writing, but after being in my class and having fun with so many engaging prompts, that changed to, “I love writing!”

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April Writing Ideas from National Months

This month of April writing prompts includes National Poetry Month and National Jazz Appreciation Month.

There are so many different observances, that sometimes it’s hard to choose what topics to use. What I do is research the national days, choose topics that are appropriate for writing in grade 3, writing in grade 4, or writing in grade 5. Then I find videos or websites to engage and explore the topic. Finally, the students do the April writing prompts.

April is National Poetry Month

Kick off National Poetry Month in April with this video with Amanda Gorman, available on PBS Kids. Amanda Gorman became the United States Youth Poet Laureate in 2017. Students can listen to her poem, “Talking Gets us There” and then you can have a deep classroom discussion. Finally, students can write about what it means to them. You can read more about the incredible Amanda Gorman on Wikipedia.

The Problem Solving Teacher has an “I Am” poem resource which ties in nicely to the things Amanda Gorman talks about in her poem. Students will reflect on who they are and where they are from as they write their own powerful poem. This is a terrific example of using a poetry mentor text with your class.

National Jazz Appreciation Month

Are you not sure how to celebrate National Jazz Appreciation Month? Here’s the audio of a super fun selection of children’s songs played in the jazz style. You can play the music for your class while they write. In fact, I’m listening to the samples right now!

You can see an example of the Jazz Appreciation page from the April Writing Journal in this preview. With each prompt the students do self-editing with the CUPS system. This helps them become independent writers, day by day.

More Writing Prompts for April

There is always a wide variety of prompts in every month. When you use these journals, you’ll be able to teach across the curriculum, easily and in a minimum of time. Students will develop a breadth of knowledge and you can teach to the depth and complexity you desire. If a topic intrigues you, extend the lesson!

You can use the prompts straight from the digital or PDF writing journal. With a simple search, you can find classroom appropriate videos to share with your students and activate their creative thoughts. The journal has a list of trusted sites for you, the teacher, to use to find background information to share with your class.

With all these topics to explore, you can really get your students turned on about learning and writing. The discussions that come out of these writing prompts when the class shares them are phenomenal. Do you want to know more about the April Writing Journal? You can view a preview in my TpT Store that shows many of the pages included.

Literacy Themed April Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts for Social Studies

Writing About Science

History and Biography Spring Writing Prompts

Jackie Robinson Breaking Barriers Essay

Did you know that Scholastic hosts a series of lessons called Breaking Barriers? It’s sponsored by the MLB Community. You’ll find lesson plans, graphic organizers, and interactives to help your students write an essay inspired by Jackie Robinson. The lessons and and student printables are free as of the writing of this blog post. If you or your school prefers digital, you can access free interactive lessons. They are for grades 4-8 and also grade 9. You can also access videos to accompany the lessons on the Scholastic site.

Did you even know those national days existed? There are so many more ideas to explore in this month’s writing journals. Fun topics include learning about tartan, or how rubber erasers are made. There is even a National Superhero Day!

If you love Superhero themed writing and activities, check out the fun educational resources available at Happy Hive Homeschooling for National SuperHero Day.

Marshallow Candy Bunnies and Chicks

These fabulous little bunnies and chicks start appearing in stores in March and April. What student wouldn’t want to learn about how these fun candies were invented and how they’re made today?

Save this to your Pinterest board so you don’t forget about it!

These cute and delicious goodies are covered in a week-long lesson plan. It’s part of what I call my “Sweet History” line of products! You can watch a video to see everything that’s included in this comprehensive resource, Close Reading and Writing Marshmallow Bunnies and Chicks.

Students read and annotate an original passage with the tools included. They practice Tier II vocabulary.

They answer comprehension questions. To culminate the week, they’ll write a narrative about a time when the marshmallow candies escaped from the Just Born candy factory!

This fun close reading and writing resource comes in both digital and printable versions. You choose what works best for you!

Free Writing Journal Sample

If you haven’t tried my daily writing prompts before, you can try three days of writing prompts for free and see if it’s a good fit for your class and grade level. Download your PDF sample on this page

You can pick up the full month of April Writing Prompts in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I hope you find joy in teaching writing with them.

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  1. One teacher told me about how she uses the plastic eggs in her class for a math activity. She puts a math problem in each egg and marks a number on the egg. Students go on an egg hunt. They solve the math problems and write them on an answer sheet. It sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it?

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