Are you looking for the perfect teacher gradebook, report card, and help with report card comments? These digital teacher tools may be just what you’re looking for! Find out how these essential teacher tools of can help you be more productive, more accurate, and save you so much time.

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I’ve collated parts of several posts about gradebooks, report cards, and the newest ultimate teacher tool, the report card comment generator. This roundup post will tell you the highlights of these products, but you can always go to the posts and read the entire thing.

The Essential Teacher Tools of a Gradebook, Tracker, Report Cards and Comment Generator

As a teacher, you need easy and efficient ways to record your grades for assignments and so much more. These tools will help you do that in an organized way that makes tracking standards, progress, and other records simple and fast.

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First Essential Tool: A Digital Gradebook

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Why is a digital grade book essential for today’s teachers? You know and I know that teachers will be doing their grading here, there, and everywhere. If you have a tool that can follow you anywhere you go, you’ll be more likely to stay up to date on your grading.

Don’t worry that you might lose the records. You can always print a paper backup if you prefer to do that. Then you can use the paper to record grades and enter them later at a more convenient time.

This gradebook comes with tutorial videos to get you set up and running in no time! It’s available in grades Kindergarten through 8th Grade. All the ELA, Math, NGSS, and History Social Studies standards are included.

Another great thing about using a digital gradebook is that it does all the calculating for you. You can see at a glance what levels your students are achieving.

Best of all, once you purchase a digital gradebook, it’s good for as long as you want to use it. You can use it year after year. All you have to do is clear the sheets for a new class. You can always download a clean version before each year begins.

Essential Tool #2: A Digital Assignment Tracker

Assignment tracker with a tablet and a spreadsheet and a teacher comment.

This tool was born of pandemic teaching necessity. I created this to keep track of all the online sites my students were using. Track if students have completed work on IXL, ReadWorks, Generation Genius, Freckle, Seesaw, or any sites your students use.

You can see at a glance if students are completing their online work. It’s great for those times when a parent calls and wants to know if their child has any missing assignments.

Streamlining PBL and STEM Project Tracking with a Digital Tool

It’s also perfect for tracking progress in Project Based Learning assignments and STEM projects. The PBL sheet and STEM sheet allow you to track progress by groups, teams, or individuals. 

You can use this Assignment Tracker to record where students are at in the writing process. Are they revising and editing? Are they still in the organizing stage? Have they written their second draft? 

This is so much easier than using a clip chart or bulletin board to track progress. Even better, other students won’t have a way to see where their peers are in the process. This can help reduce stressful competitions.

Essential Teacher Tool #3: A Standards Based Report Card


This is a great tool to have if you’re in a school that hasn’t developed their own standards based report cards yet, or if you’re teaching in a homeschool or a learning pod.

They’re also perfect to use if you’re tutoring students and you want a professional looking report card.

The Ultimate Essential Tool: A Report Card Comment Generator

Image of a computer screen and the title Report Card Comment Generator Write a Comment in Less Than One Minute!

This little tool is the handiest thing since pencil and paper! It will write specific, professional, complete comments for your students with a few clicks of the mouse. You can complete a comment in under a minute! Don’t worry if you’re not super techy. It comes with tutorial videos that walk you through everything you need to know to make fabulous report card comments.

Time-saving Report Card Comments

Here’s how it works. You enter your students’ names. For each student, choose comment stems from a drop-down list in several different areas. When you get to the end of your choices, you click to the next page, and your comment will appear! 

You still have the option to change and add more if you’d like, but the comments come out beautifully. Here’s an example of one that was written in 39 seconds:

“Leo has started the year off strong. He is an enthusiastic and motivated student, and always participates in discussions. In reading, Leo is approaching grade level expectations, which are in 3rd Grade – 520L-820L. We will continue to monitor fluency. In math, Leo is mastering grade level expectations. He knows his multiplication facts through 9. Leo is approaching grade level work in writing, and his writing has shown consistent progress with the strategies taught this term. He should read each day for 20 minutes and write a short review of his reading. He tackles new material with a positive attitude. Leo is a pleasure to have in class.”

It’s so easy to use, and it works so quickly! You’ll never need to spend hours crafting the perfect comment again.

Conclusion: Embracing Digital Teacher Tools for Managing Student Work, Grading, and Reporting

Now that you know about these amazing tools, I want to offer the gradebook, assignment tracker, and comment generator to you in an all-in-one Essential Teacher Tools bundle! The price for all three is actually less than you’ll pay for just one of the popular printed teacher planners out there.

The bundle includes these three resources:

  1. The Digital Assignment Tracker

  2. A Digital Gradebook for the grade level you choose (K-8)

  3. The Report Card Comment Generator

Right now, the report cards are sold separately because not every teacher needs those. But you can definitely share the report card information with your principal or administrator!

Click on the grade level you teach. You’ll see the previews and everything included in each bundle of teacher tools.

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Click here to discover report cards in grades K-8.


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