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Building Strong Writers with Simple Systems

Teaching Writing in the Elementary Grades

This course is for you if you want to find the most efficient and effective way to teach writing in the elementary grades.

You’ll learn:

✅The why and how to simplify writing instruction in your classroom so it practically runs by itself

✅How to teach independent writing so you can have time to conference with students

✅How to build a daily writing habit with your students that everyone looks forward to (even if you don’t look forward to it now.)

✅A simple checklist to include grammar strategies in writing every day and watch your students abilities take off

✅The pizza lunch technique for teaching students how to craft a perfect paragraph they’ll be proud of (and you will too.)

The exact system I used to teach students to self-edit and peer-edit so you can stop wasting time with editing

✅Discover how rubrics and writing mini-conferences can save you from time-consuming grading

✅This course is self-paced, so there’s no need to rush through it all. (Unless you want to!)

Each of the lessons are pre-recorded. Watch a lesson and download the materials to try it out in your classroom the same day.

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Read the blog post, How to Begin Teaching Writing in the Elementary Grades (Even if You’ve Never Taught it Before) 

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Building Strong Writers with Mentor Texts

Mini Course

  • Using mentor texts is a research based best practice for teaching writing.
  • Even students in early elementary grades can learn to evalutate and emulate exemplary writing.
  • They’ll be able to connect the critical thinking skills they learn across the curriculum.
  • It’s so enjoyable they’ll look forward to it every day.
  • Within a few weeks, they’ll be able to do these lessons independently, giving you more time to meet with your students individually or in small groups.

Here’s What Using Mentor Texts to Teach Writing Will Do For You

  • Students will be eager to read well-written stories, poems, and articles.
  • Students will be able to analyze and define what makes a text exemplary.
  • Students will become self-aware about the writing process.
  • Students will be able to do this work independently.
  • Students incorporate the things they’ve noted and learned from the mentor text and will be able to emulate it.
  • You’ll gain a true sense of satisfaction when you see how much their writing improves.
  • Learn more in this short video.
  • Don’t wait any longer!
  • Start the course today and begin teaching with mentor texts tomorrow!
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Curriculum Mapping for the win!

The free video course lays it out for you in simple terms with simple templates.

Plan Your Year in 5 Days or Less!

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Some common myths about curriculum mapping BUSTED!
Read them in this blog post.

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