Learning how to be a brilliant teacher author and sell your products online is something you can learn in this interview with Teresa Kwant, owner of the Teacher Author Brilliance Club.


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Letting your light shine as you learn how to be a brilliant teacher and author isn’t an easy thing to do. Especially when you have ninety bajillion other things on your to-do list. But if you’re like me, you may have found you can’t unlight that desire to write, create, and sell your shiniest lesson plans online. 

In this interview with Teresa Kwant, the owner and creator of the Teacher Author Brilliance Club, you’ll get some great tips on how to do that, without overspending on time!

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I have a confession to make. When I put my first products online in 2012, they didn’t even have covers! I made things for my classroom and uploaded them to Teachers Pay Teachers willy-nilly. 


Understandably, whenever I discovered TPT had deposited a dollar or two in my Paypal account, it was a nice surprise. A teacher once asked me what I did with those dollars. I spent it on teaching resources from other sellers on TPT, of course! 


Is There a Secret to Selling on TPT?


I’ve been a fan of Teachers Pay Teachers ever since it began, and my dream was to make resources that other teachers would love, that would inspire their students, and make everyone’s day a little easier. In 2020, during the pandemic and teaching from home, I took advantage of having zero commute time, and I started creating something every week. About that time, I discovered there were many successful teachers making a full-time income on TPT.


I wanted to know their secret to success.


I purchased (I don’t know how many) courses about creating resources, building a brand, and doing all the things. Because there are plenty of things to learn, know, and do about running a TPT store. What was the secret sauce?


By serendipity, I discovered Teresa Kwant’s membership. She’s positive, encouraging, and knows how to make the hard things seem simple. Plus, she does it all with humor and grace. She knows the secret ingredient that will make you and your resources shine brilliantly!

Illuminate Free 5 Day Bootcamp Event

I just received an email this morning about a Free Illuminate 5 Day Bootcamp Teresa is offering. Here’s what she’ll be sharing during the five days:

  1. Day One: Dive into idea and niche mastery to pinpoint and polish your unique value in the marketplace.
  2. Day Two: Transition your ideas into tangible designs with the Product Creation session.
  3. Day Three: Learn the art of Creating Powerful Covers and Previews to captivate your audience.
  4. Day Four: Master crafting Compelling Product Titles and Descriptions that sell.
  5. Day Five: Elevate your product’s visual appeal with the Using Canva Like a Pro session

This event has finished, but I hope she’ll be offering it again in the future.

Now, let’s get to the main event.

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Interview and Tips From a TPT Pro :  Teresa Kwant



Teresa, welcome to the TeacherWriter blog and thanks for doing this interview. I joined the Teacher Author Brilliance Club in the middle of 2023, and it has been the most helpful thing for me in creation and inspiration. Now I’m inspired to interview you and let you tell my readers about Teacher Author Brilliance (TAB).


Can you tell us what this wonderful club is all about? What makes TAB different from other teacher author courses? 



In TAB, we have weekly Q and As. I start them out with a demo, either something I feel is relevant at the moment, or I’m answering a question from a TAB member. Then, I open the session up to any and all questions! I don’t know of any other teacher-author membership that allows weekly access to an expert like this. I really think this sets Teacher-Author apart from other memberships and courses. 



I love these weekly Q and As. You always have something creative and original to share and show us. Plus, since they’re recorded, I can go back and review the processes you share. I don’t know of any other membership that gives weekly access to an expert either!


Can you tell us what inspired you to start this membership? 

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Click the image to learn more about the Teacher Author Brilliance Club.



TPT changed my life! It opened so many doors that I didn’t even know existed. From not worrying about the bills as much, to just making new friends, TPT has helped me achieve many of my life goals. I want to share that same success with other teachers, and show them how their talents can be fully achieved by creating a small business. 



That’s so generous of you to share your tips, strategies, and advice. It’s true that TPT can open new doors that maybe we hadn’t ever thought about before.


Does a teacher need to have special qualities if they want to create resources for their own classroom, or to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers? 



Nope! I consider teachers to be a very creative group of people, who are always eager to learn. As long as you are not scared to learn new things, selling on TPT is a fun endeavor to consider for any educator. 



Thanks for the vote of confidence in our educators!


Does TAB show teachers how to get started creating products and selling them on TPT? 



It sure does! I have a couple courses in the club that are specific for new sellers. Also, I am always open to answering questions in my Q and As, or over email. 



Yes, I find TAB is for every teacher author, no matter how new or how experienced. There’s something for everyone.


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Save this to your Pinterest board so you don’t forget about the Teacher Author Brillaince Club.

Three Important Habits for Success

What do you think are the three most important habits for success? 



  1. Consistency: With consistency, setting up a schedule is key. Whether that is just an hour a day, a few hours a day, or only working on weekends–whatever your schedule allows, keeping a schedule will help your business grow. 


  1. Being persistent: Being persistent is important because TPT is a marathon, not a sprint. You most likely won’t find instant success, but if you keep at it, and learn the techniques to become a good seller,I assure you, you will begin to see sales. 


  1. Last, being willing to fail until you find success. Being willing to fail is important. I cannot even count the times I tried something new and it didn’t work out. However, those failures led to other paths that often gave me success. There were times I spent MONTHS on new ideas, only to see them fail, but then learned from the failure and found success. These times can be challenging and you can get lost in a mindset to give up.


My biggest piece of advice is to KEEP GOING. It will ALWAYS work out, even if working out looks different than how  you first imagined.



This is great advice. I think one of the hardest things to do is keep going after hitting a stumbling block. We all think about the negative thing that happened, and sometimes we let it play on a loop in our heads. It’s super important to get out of that negative space we might find ourselves in after a failure. This leads into my next question.


Did you need to make any mindset shifts to reach the level of success you’re at today? If so, what were they? 



I guess I kind of answered this in the previous question. The mindset I had to change was that it was OK to not know everything and to fail sometimes. 


It is OK to learn along the way. 


It is OK to get started, even if you don’t know how to do everything 100% perfectly. I attribute a lot of my success to JUST STARTING. 


I didn’t know how to use PowerPoint eleven years ago in the ways I do today. I didn’t have social media accounts, an email list, or a Pinterest account. I just got started, and learned along the way.


With this club, I didn’t know how to use the platform Kajabi when I first started, I had never even run a teacher-author membership before! I had only done a few courses, and even those were very basic. I learned along the way and it has grown to what it is today.


Getting started TODAY and learning as you go, is the best mindset you can have. It is OK to not know everything. 



Absolutely. That’s one thing I love about TAB. We’re all learning together starting today.


Speaking of learning, what is the number one thing you know now that you wish you’d known then, when you started on TPT? 



Growing an email list is essential for building a loyal audience and following.



Definitely. We need our loyal fans.


Inside the club, during one of our weekly meetups, you showed us how to create 52 high-quality reels for social media in less than an hour. I’m still blown away by that.

Teacher Author Brilliance Club with a lightbulb on a white background and the words watch this video to learn more.
Click the image to watch a video of a customer review of the Teacher Author Brilliance Club.

Teacher Author Hacks

Do you have other teacher author organization hacks you’d like to share with my readers that they could find inside TAB? 



That tip included using a program I have fallen in love with over the last couple years called Canva. Canva changed my life as a business owner. It’s made my graphics and brand so much more consistent, and shown me how to quickly and efficiently create content and videos for my brand. 


I have an entire course on Canva in TAB! I also want to add to it, because they have added some awesome AI tools in Canva recently. 



Yes, like this Canva hack with Magic Studio AI you shared on your Instagram.


Your Canva course is terrific. Before I became a member of TAB, I used Canva but wasn’t very adept at it. Then I followed along with your videos and did all things in my own Canva account. Now I feel super comfortable using it.


What would you say is the most rewarding thing about being a seller on Teachers Pay Teachers? 



I hate to say income, but it is definitely high on my list. Teachers are not paid what they deserve, and seeing my creativity help classrooms all over the world, and get paid for it too, has been eye-opening. 



I love your honesty! I think money is probably high on most teachers’ lists!


I remember thinking I didn’t have time to create and publish products when I was in the classroom. But now I can see it’s possible, if you just know where and how to block out the time. 


What’s your typical day look like? 



This question has evolved over the years. My youngest child is now in full-day kindergarten, so I can spend a lot of my days working. I usually begin working about 10 am, and work until 3:30 when the kids get home. Then, I spend a couple hours in the evening when the kids are asleep.

  • Mornings are spent creating short form videos for Reels/Tiktok that I then schedule for the afternoon. I also work on product creation.
  • Afternoons are usually spent on updating old products and getting them transferred to my site…this is going to be a big task LOL
  • Evenings I do email marketing things and odds and ends. 


When my kids were young and at home, I mainly worked in the evenings and on the weekends. 



One terrific thing about being a teacher author on TPT is you can be flexible with your hours and work around all the F obligations…Family and Fun! Now, on to some just for fun questions!


What are you reading right now? Or what is one book you’d recommend to teacher authors? 



I am currently reading Iron Flame, which is the second book in the Fourth Wing series. I love it! I am not usually reading fantasy, which is what this series is, but I am really liking it. I usually enjoy reading historical fiction best. Some of my favorites are: The Great Alone, Nightingale, Before We Were Yours, and All the Light We Cannot See



I love historical fiction too! All the Light We Cannot See was one of my favorites from last year.


Super important question: Would you rather have dark chocolate or milk chocolate? 



Milk Chocolate!



Yes! Milk Chocolate for the win! 


Last of all, where can readers find you online? 



Teacher Author Brilliance Logo Button


Visit the Website

Find Teresa on Instagram



Thanks again for taking the time to answer these questions, Teresa!


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The Secret to Success in the Teacher Author Brilliance Club

I can’t close this post without sharing another fun reel about what you’ll find inside the Teacher Author Brilliance Club


This club has been a total game-changer for me. I think I’ve finally found the secret sauce for success on TPT. It’s more than just one thing, it’s a collection of habits and skills, and inside TAB you’ll learn them.


It has all the courses you need to be a brilliant teacher author, right inside the club! The weekly Q and A meetups are the place to learn a new creation hack and ask any questions you might have. Membership in TAB gives you access to an ever growing library of templates, mockups, and more. There’s so much included that it’s unbelievable, and Teresa keeps adding value every week.


Even if you’re an experienced teacher author, TAB has plenty to offer you.


Why not do what I did, and try it out for just $1 for two weeks? If you decide you can’t live without it, (like I did,) you can join after your trial. Join the Teacher Author Brilliance Club


Go ahead and see if it’s for you. I’d love to see you inside the Teacher Author Brilliance Club!

I never recommend products or services that I don’t use myself. When you click on the link for Teacher Author Brilliance I may receive a commission as an affiliate.





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