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The National Days in November provide you with prompts for writing across the curriculum. Do you do integrated teaching? This blog is for you.

When I see the leaves starting to fall, I don’t just think about getting out the rake. I also begin thinking about writing prompts and activities centered around the National Days in November.

Do you use any of the National Days calendars to engage your students in broad learning across the curriculum? It’s amazing how interested students are in the variety of days and topics. It doesn’t matter how old I get, my goal is to discover something new every day. These national days are a great way to engage a sense of discovery in your students. You’ll find topics ranging from food to states to outdoor activities and more.

National Days in November words on a board with yellow leaves around it.
This November writing prompts post was last updated on November 2, 2023.


November is Family Literacy Month.

November is also Good Nutrition Month. With a slew of food holidays, you’ll have plenty to discover about where our food comes from, and talk about what makes it a healthy food or a sometimes food.

Native American Heritage Month, also known as Indigenous Peoples Month is in November.

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Writing Prompts About People and History

We know all about focusing on gratitude and kindness during November. But did you know that November 1st is National Authors Day? Now that’s something to celebrate.

You could have a great classroom discussion you can sharing favorite authors and some of their books. Then on National E-Greetings Day, your students could send a note to their favorite authors telling them why they love their books. Most authors have a contact page on their website or their publishers website.

National Authors Day words over a pen, journal, and blocks that spell author.

Writing About Geography and the United States

What fun facts will your students discover about these four states? They’ll be reading, watching videos, and writing about what they’ve learned. You can tailor it to make it a mini-research writing project too.

November is the Month for Promoting Healthy Habits

Likewise with Good Nutrition Month. You can extend the lessons, reading, and writing throughout the year to help develop a knowledge of healthy food and making healthy choices.

Good Nutrition Month title over a picture of healthy fruits and vegetables.

This leads right into the next topic.

Fabulous Foods To Write About

There are so many national days about food! If you do a quick search online you can uncover some unusual tidbits about some of these foods.

In November we see cornucopias everywhere. The origin of the cornucopia and its symbolism are woven into Greek mythology. You can teach your students about it with a no-prep, print and go or digital and go escape room. There’s nothing better than watching your students have so much fun they don’t even know they’re learning something, right? That’s what happens in this reading comprehension escape room about Zeus and the Cornucopia.

Greek Mythology escape room about Zeus and the Cornucopia with images of the pages included.

Even More Activities for November – Some Are Even Free

Did you know that Mickey Mouse’s Birthday is November 18? Yes! And so is Minnie’s! What student doesn’t want to know more about Mickey and Minnie Mouse?

This free resource from Homeschool Holiday has the history of the Walt Disney Sensational Six, with high level vocabulary, links to some of the first cartoon, and academic extension activities. I think you’ll like this. Best of all, it’s FREE-99. Check out the blog while you’re there. Run by a credentialed teacher, it’s full of advice and tips for creative learning in the classroom.

She also has a Paper Plate Animal Craft – Thanksgiving Turkey. It’s differentiated to an easy and an advanced level. Click on the link to see a video of it in her Teachers Pay Teachers Store. She specializes in writing, crafts, and activities based on the national holidays.

Enjoy these writing prompts and activities based on the National Days in November! Get your copy of the November Writing Prompts with video and website links to use with your students in my TpT Store.

Writing journal for students for November with a boy and girl on an orange and brown background.
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Get your copy of all 32 November writing prompts with video and website links in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Your students will thank you.

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Before You Leave…Grab These Prompts

Check out these writing prompts I’ve curated in five different categories. These are free for you to use, so save the blog post for quick reference.

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P.S. What’s your favorite classroom activity in November? Let me know in the comments!

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