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In this newsletter, we’re talking about bringing the joy from the holidays into January. What does January Joy mean for you? Imagine what it looks like. For everyone it’s something different.

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What January Joy Looks Like

I have a confession to make. Many of my friends call me an organization freak. Some of them with love, others not so much! 🤣🤣

📽 I saw a reel on Instagram today of a woman using two IKEA shelving units and extra lumber to make an awesome organization station with wheels. It made me want to go out and buy power tools 🛠 so I could make my own. (That’s a very dangerous idea for me in so many ways.)

January Joy for me is channeling my inner Kondo and getting organized. I took a couple of weeks off this month to organize my mingle-mangle mélange of pots and pans in the kitchen, my overflowing bedroom closet, and my plans, bursting at the seams with ideas for new products. (For you!)

January Joy Sale

One of my ideas is to have a sale every month, beginning now.

🎇 January Joy Sale 🎇 January 23 – January 25.

All escape rooms and scavenger hunts are on sale until January 25th at 20% off.

Two of my Groundhog Day activities are on sale for $1 using code #JanuaryJoy. Search #JANUARYJOY to find them in my store on TPT.

Get Your Free Journal and Get Creating

Have you seen my free #52WeekPrompts journal? It’s designed for teachers, teens, and upper elementary students. You can get it free on my website in the Member Vault.


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You can use these prompts for writing, painting, photography, music, or any other creative outlet you enjoy. #52WeekPrompts2024 is the hashtag for socials, if you want to share something you’ve created with these prompts.

If you like this idea, be sure to share it with your creative friends. It’s only been available for about three weeks, but it’s surprising me with it’s popularity! It’s actually the most popular post on my blog right now.

What does #JanuaryJoy mean for you? Hit comment and let me know!


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