A computer keyboard and the title Write Report Card Comments Faster Than Ever!

Write Report Card Comments Faster Than Ever and Still Be Authentic, Tactful, and Honest

 You can write report card comments faster than ever using a report card comments generator. Genuine, effective comments in just a few minutes.

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I spent countless hours writing report card comments every grading period. Maybe you have, too.

I agonized over finding the perfect words, the perfect expressions, the perfect way of telling the parents how their child was doing in a tactful yet honest way. Maybe you have, too.

They had to convey achievements as well as challenges…some teachers call these glows and grows. I had documents and spreadsheets with a variety of permutations of how to write this or that, but it still took the better part of a day to crank out 30 complete comments.

Maybe I just cared too much. Maybe you do, too.

A couple of years ago, I began the search for a way to write report card comments in less time. Much less time. Almost no time at all.

A computer keyboard and the title Write Report Card Comments Faster Than Ever!

A Report Card Comments Generator to Make Your Life Easier

Introducing the ultimate time-saving solution for teachers: the Report Card Comment Generator! Say goodbye to endless hours spent crafting personalized report card comments from scratch. With this innovative report card comments writing tool, you can effortlessly generate tactful yet effective comments that capture the achievements and areas of improvement for your students…in minutes instead of hours!

The Report Card Comment Generator utilizes convenient drop-down lists of common comments as well as personalized teacher notes to streamline the report card comment writing process. Designed with elementary grade levels in mind, it’s incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to quickly select appropriate comments and easily customize them to suit your students’ unique needs.

In the preview video, you can watch me complete a thorough, personalized comment for a student in under a minute!

You may have already seen some other report card comment generators. Or you might be thinking of using AI to write comments. (Please don’t.)

How This Report Card Comment Generator is Different From the Rest

What sets this generator apart is its flexibility and inclusivity. It accommodates three gender options: male, female, and nonbinary, ensuring that your comments are respectful and inclusive for all students. By simply entering the student names and gender in a table, the comment pages are automatically populated, saving you valuable time and effort. (That’s my mission: to save teachers time!) The names data entry is the same system as the one in my Gradebooks in Google Sheets.


Once a comment is created, (which only takes a few minutes,) you have the freedom to make further edits directly within Google Sheets (TM) or conveniently copy it into a document for further customization. I’ve included a template in Google Docs (TM) where you can work on comments further if you don’t like editing in a spreadsheet. However, you might like the comments so much that no further editing is necessary.


This seamless integration with Google tools empowers you to work in your preferred environment while maintaining a professional and organized workflow. Work anywhere, anytime! You could even work on your comments while you’re 35,000 feet in the air flying to your vacation destination!


Use the report card comment generator to write all your report card comments in one hour on a pink and purple background with an image of a computer on a desk.
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Who This Innovative Teacher Tool Is For

▶️Teachers who want to save time writing report card comments

▶️Teachers who want to craft professional and meaningful report card comments


What You Get With This Report Cards Comment Generator

✅A PDF file with instructions and a link to the Google Sheets (TM)

✅Links to tutorial videos

✅One step student names entry

✅3 genders: male, female, and nonbinary

✅Hundreds of comments and achievement markers

✅An extra sheet of report card comment stems in several areas

✅An option to translate the comments into Spanish

✅Download free updates to the product anytime

⭐Check out this short preview to see details of what’s included!⭐

The time it took to watch this short video, I wrote a complete and report card comment. It includes positive notes, areas for improvement, extra supports, levels of achievement in reading, math, and writing, and a closing friendly comment. You can write effective comments like this in one or two minutes.

If you’d like to see a longer six minute preview with more details about how it works, here’s my Youtube video explaining the Report Card Comment Generator.


How It Works to Save You Time Writing Report Card Comments

Following a proven comments strategy, this generator helps you craft well-rounded report card comments. You can open with a positive remark, incorporate real data and markers to support your evaluation, provide constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement or extra support, set goals for the next term, and wrap up with a personalized positive note. This comprehensive approach ensures that your comments inspire students, engage parents, and promote academic growth.


Experience the power of efficiency and effectiveness with the TeacherWriter Report Card Comment Generator. Unlock more time for what matters most: teaching and making a difference in your students’ lives. Try it today and revolutionize your report card comment writing process! Use it year after year.


This is an early five-star review:



These are awesome. It was so easy to write report cards comments. —Royal Firsties


Where You Can Get Your Report Card Comment Generator


Report cards comment generator product cover.
You can click this image to go right to TPT!


Buy it on ConvertKit and save 10% with code TWBLOG

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Amped Up Learning (coming soon)

Classful (coming soon)

Made By Teachers (coming soon)



Standards Based Gradebooks in Google


Great resource for standards based grading! Thank You! I love that the bottom of each sheet has a list of the correlating CCSS. —Jodi O.

Another reviewer says: I love this grade book and how it aligns with all standards! I can’t wait to get organized! — Jericsa M.

Standards Based Report Cards.


My school is switching to standards-based grading this year and this resource has helped tremendously! Not only did it help me write and create our new report cards, but it will be so useful in keeping track of student progress throughout the year. —Happily Ever Allen

This was EXTREMELY useful in finding the key standards to report to parents. GREAT job on this. Money well spent!! I so appreciate the format and verbiage. —Sarah H.


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I hope you enjoy this product. I value your time and I want you to never have to spend hours of agonizing work on report cards again.

Maybe you do, too.





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