Turn your classroom into a winter wonderland celebration with 19 holiday story prompts. Make holidays around the world come to life with the tip of your students’ pencils.

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Your students buzz with excitement as they enter your classroom in December. The minute you enter the room, your students want to tell you about going out for hot chocolate and a Christmas tree, decorating their house for Hanukkah, or the epic snowball fight they had with their cousins.

December is such a glittery, colorful, magical time of year for young students, even after they think they’re too old (or too cool) to pretend to be excited about it.

Why not take advantage of the avalanche of excitement, energy, and hopefulness, and channel it into holiday story writing? Wouldn’t it be fun to share stories as part of your classroom routines before the end of the year? You could create your own winter wonderland bulletin board featuring their creative narrative writing.

Winter snowy pine bough with the title holiday story prompts.

If you have the energy left for it, you could publish a classroom collaborative holiday story book. Follow the same ideas as you’ll find in the Halloween collaborative writing post. 

I’ve gathered 19 holiday writing prompts for you that will give you and your students plenty from which to choose. You might consider doing a prompt a day to keep them writing every day right up to the break. 

These prompts cover holidays from several traditions. There are prompts for Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Diwali, Christmas, and simple stories of giving.

Speaking of giving, you can grab some free holiday writing paper from the Members Vault for your students to use. While you’re there, download the free Christmas cards. I’ll include the link to the Members Vault at the end of this post, along with a few more special things for you.

Holiday stories with imaginary elements

A golden reindeer with stardust and the title holiday stories with imaginary elements.

These prompts turn the creativity on high. There’s something for everyone here. Ignite your students’ imagination to create their own winter wonderland.

Holiday story prompts about traditions and activities

Holiday decorations on a wintry background.

Traditions vary from family to family, town to town, and in countries around the world. That’s what makes these prompts special. Each story will be unique depending on the perspective and experience of your young author.

Magical holiday story prompts 

A toy train in a snowy forest with the words story starters with magic.

Since the holiday season is already full of magic, why not sprinkle it like glitter in a few stories? The wonderful thing about using a magical writing prompt is anything is possible!

These winter wonderland topics should ignite the imagination of your students. If it doesn’t, then perhaps it’s time to go outside and have an epic snowball fight. 

That should do the trick.

Do you have other favorite holiday story starters? If you do, please share them in the comments. The more writing prompts we have, the better!


More ideas for the holidays in your classroom

December activities to keep students engaged on a blue banner over a snowy background with a polar bear holding a sign that says let it snow.

Free holiday writing paper from my Member Vault on this website.

Holiday writing papers cover with pine boughs and holiday ornaments on it.
Click the image to grab your free holiday writing papers and post your students’ stories on your classroom winter wonderland bulletin board. Pin this to your favorite holiday board on Pinterest so you can come back again next year!



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